INDRODUCTION : There are two types of villas. These are an inward looking structure, built around a private courtyard with splendid views from all parts. Along with large setbacks for comfort and amble air circulation, The privacy of the owners is not compromised. There is kitchen garden for the “Greens Life Style” aficionados. Intelligent planning has lead to the creation of the luxurious places for clutter free living. The villas also provide semi-detached service zone with facilities for in-house maid facility. Another way interesting feature of villas is that, punctured elevation with a unique pattern of holes give each villa a unique and different identity.

OVERVIEW : Firstly the planning was done keeping in mind the location of largest spaces to courts and kitchen gardens. These are privet court for each villa, which feeds lights to every space of the home. The project has been envisaged with 19 green villas and a clubhouse-grass lands. Vertical gardens (creepers on metal frames instead of solid walls) and greens at different level make the club a space to unwind and rejuvenate. Provision for rain water harvesting is made to ensure that the project stays in tune with the concept. Solar lightning is being used for the lighting of common areas of the greens. Ie, roads, outdoor gardens etc. The elements used in the projects are natural or likewise(stone cladding, wood flooring, natural and rustic stone flooring).

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