Inherent Investment Potential

The real estate in the Indian sub-continent has an obvious potential for growth with the rising population. The discerning investor knows the importance of easy accessibility to schools, hospitals, shops, offices, entertainment centers and airports. A real estate investment has far higher value in the major towns and cities of India. A wise investment here can benefit from the historic movement of population to urban centers. A process of economic liberalization has also encouraged NRI investments into real estate with the advantage of Repatriation of the capital invested and even the rental proceeds under the circumstances prescribed by RBI. Returns from real estate have consistently performed well and even outperformed the other investment options.

The Wise Investor

All property transactions in India come under a complex web of legislation impinges. A plethora of municipal rules can cause demolition of construction for violations. Income tax rules threaten expropriationfor economic offences. Hindu joint family and other succession rules impact on property transfers. Land ceiling legislation affect titles. Neighborhood groups can hold up construction with lawsuits and objections. In this jungle of hidden threats and lurking dangers, the best option for the investor is to choose an agency with a proven track record. Past performance in completed projects is the best assurance to the wise investor

Title Verification

Project documents are normally certified by legal advisors before financial institutions can give loans for flats. They scrutinize original title, encumbrance certificates, building permits, land ceiling clearances and other relevant documents. The buyer-builder agreements should be equitable and should not contain clauses that violate an investor's rights and interests. An investor can employ a legal advisor to examine title for additional protection.


Are You A Property Owner?

Interested in promoting your Property by way of Joint Venture or Outright Purchase. Rahna Homes also offers opportunities for individuals and businesses owning properties to enter into a partnership in property development. We are constantly investigating potential opportunities covering the entire spectrum of property development. We are interested in both small and large parcels of land. Rahna Homes has a knowledgeable, responsible and managed approach to property development.
Retaining an interest in your heritage Joint development enables you to retain your ties and leave behind a more convenient and manageable piece of wealth for your offspring. A portfolio to meet every need Consider the differing requirements of a large family - one individual wishes to encash his asset, another to retain space and yet another to divide his holding between several heirs. Each one needs independent ownership.
Joint development can meet all these differing needs. Sharing value appreciation Should you sell when the prices have hit rock bottom? It is better to choose joint development, where you take over the space two years later, well into a rising market. Apart from a brand new home of your own, you get readily saleable spaces, in smaller marketable sizes, as flats. Your options open up, just when the prices come backup.
Tax benefits for re-investment Any investment, of the land consideration in retained built space, is exempted from Capital Gains Tax. As against this, with outright sale, this tax becomes payable.