Rahna Homes established our entry with the concept of building home with in-house design idea to provide solution for comfort living in 2007 and our successful journey continues until date. Our first venture ‘HILL VIEW DALE’ was completed in 2009 at Thrissur. Over the years, we have earned a reputation for quality, transparency, dedication and commitment through the completion of contemporary villa project THE GREENS, Life style apartment project FRESH LIFE. Rahna Homes is committed to our customers in every step of their way to ensure comfort and satisfaction. From the second you step in through our doors you are a part of our large family. Our journey starts from then on.
We create a creation that mesmerizes you with a meticulously planned layout, vast openness, and beautifully landscaped gardens and most importantly homes that bring in freshness to your LIFE.

We offer you with endless choices of home options, i.e., apartments and villas, all at premier locations worldwide. It is our word that we can offer something for everyone at Rahna. Our endeavor is to gain trust, by delivering your dream home and thereby making us your first and final choice.


To create consistent growth through perfection in quality, excellence in innovation and magnifying the leadership to be the no: 1 company in the world.


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Responsible Leadership

Attaining Speed and Perfection in all Endeavors, through Quality and Transparency

Host of the Pioneer of creating signature homes

Notable Improvement & Innovation

Aiming to get the result through Smart Work and Keeping sky as the limit


Build home for comfort and safe living


Rahna homes inviting dynamic people for our challenging area to work as corporate level

markerCEO for business development and research

markerGeneral Manager for operation

markerDirector for marketing and sale

markerCustomer relationship manager for customer care

markerSecretary for company legal side

markerHR and Admin Manager for training and crew development

markerProject manager for operation and site executions

markerArchitect for design and architectural side

markerInterior designer for innovative home design

markerHostess for hospitality

markerChief accountant for finance and auditing

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I believe that a home is a personal space. A place that comforts and assures a sense of belonging, a place where parents settle down and grandchildren comes for vacation, a place where happiness is retold and bitterness heals, a place where you’re never lonely when you’re all alone.
We build homes…
While we’re at it we build trust and an everlasting commitment with our patrons. We don’t like to call them customers, either because they either keep coming back to us, or be instrumental in our association with their friends and relatives. Such a relationship we can only owe it to our integrity and transparency. At Rahna we employ distinctive business ethics and sophisticated development schemes, thereby enhancing investment efficiency and strengthening the company’s mission-to build world class homes.
In our mission to build homes, we ensure that our Patrons enjoy the best of luxury and full freedom at their property. We develop and construct aesthetically and internationally designed, functionally efficient and eco-friendly residential complexes and mini townships. We are sticklers for engineering excellence and architectural competency. We expect every square foot to exude maximum utility and practicality. We want to provide you complete satisfaction. We want to delight you, and that’s why we build homes for you.
Sakkeer Hussain Cholayil Managing Director, Rahna Homes

Why Rahna

At Rahna, we have consistently stood at the forefront of design and hereby raising the bar for functionality, aesthetics and eco-friendliness. While there is n-number of reasons for our enviable success, a few of those are as follows:

Quality and professional Excellence

Quality has no limits. We at Rahna Homes are committed to providing a better quality of life and redefining standard of living through innovative and qualitative projects. To ensure the objective of maintaining quality at all levels, we have adopted a quality management system that complies with International Standards.As a Company we are committed to a continual process of ongoing improvement by setting measurable goals. Towards this, our employees focus their time & energy through qualitative efforts rather than quantitative efforts. Our commitment to quality is an integral part of all our employee’s responsibilities.

We don’t talk, we just do it.

We at Rahna Homes measure our quality in terms of:

markerDesign process

markerInnovative Techniques and Materials

markerHuman Resource

markerCustomer relationship manager for customer care

markerConstruction and workmanship


Customer Focus

At Rahna Homes we fully recognize the importance of 'Customer Satisfaction'. Our key priorities to day to day customer care are:

markerTo listen and communicate effectively

markerCommit to delivering these as creatively as possible

markerTo proactively understand current and future customer requirements

markerTo respond quickly with solutions that are useful, adaptive and innovative

Fervent and Impeccable Commitment

We at Rahna Homes are committed to provide reliable, responsible, responsive, safe and value added multimodal logistic services in a consistent manner. We distinctively differentiate ourselves through focus on 5 core values of RAHNA –

Responsible Leadership

Attaining Speed and Perfection in all Endeavors, through Quality and Transparency

Host of the Pioneer of creating signature homes

Notable Improvement & Innovation

Aiming to get the result through Smart Work and Keeping sky as the limit

On date Completion of Project

Rahna Homes ensures custom designs to fulfill every detail of the client’s vision, while staying on budget and schedule. We consider it, a major commitment to complete all our projects on schedule and hence meeting deadlines is a challenge we take on willingly! Our predilection to learn and ardor to implement make us your best choice.

Construction and Infrastructure

We at Rahna Homes believe that construction is an ART and each of our projects is a masterpiece by itself. We have redefined opulence and magnificence in all our projects. Our mission is to deliver the BEST to the masses by creating residences that cater to those who believe in fine living. Our design and construction process features a series of analysis, researches, supervisions and regular checkpoints to ensure desirable final outputs. We do this by working closely with our selected team of Architects, Engineers and Designers. We believe in methods such as brainstorming, idea sharing etc. More and more of our clients are turning to us for our distinctive ability to implement innovative project management techniques.

Our key differentiator is the abundant infrastructure in all our projects. We address the most basic needs like Water, Power and Security besides providing high-end conveniences and create comforts with similar attention that form the important essentials that drive our business objectives. All our projects have well designed infrastructure like wide internal roads, adequate car parks for our residents and their visitors, large open green spaces, effective security systems, besides carefully chosen high quality building materials. We also invest significantly to make all our projects eco- friendly with measures like rain water harvesting, solar heating and lighting, waste management etc.

International Standard of Living

The ever increasing number of NRI clients at Rahna’s proves and that our projects are of International Standards. And we believe in building everlasting and long term relationships with all our clients.

Location of our Projects

When we allocate our projects, Rahna Homes ensures that they are located at:-

markerA clean, pollution free and green environment

markerSafe and Peaceful neighborhoods

markerProximity to all necessary facilities but far from the hustles of city life

markerEasily accessible by all

markerOn Land that can appreciate itself in value

markerAvailability of water source

Our corporate office